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Continuum Robots Are Our Passion!

Continuum robots have a mechanical structure that is fundamentally different from conventional robots. They have a joint-less body which is continuous. This structure is inspired by biological trunks (e.g. elephant), tentacles, tongues, and worms.

A continuous structure enables to traverse confined spaces, manipulate objects in complex environments, and to conform to curvilinear paths in task space. Think about what continuum robots can do that is not possible with serial robot arms, mobile robots, or humanoid robots!


How our graduate and post-grad researchers have been working through the pandemic. - How our graduate and post-grad researchers have been working through the pandemic. With the first school semester over and a new year to look forward to, we want to look back on the work of our graduate and post-grad researchers at the lab. This year has been a difficult year… Read More!
Nan Liang wins runner-up at the Robotics Institute 3MT competition! - The Continuum Robotics Lab congratulates Nan Liang for his recent achievement of placing as the runner up at the U of T Robotics Institute’s 3-Minute-Thesis (3MT) competition. This competition was held on the 12th of November as part of the fall workshop for the Robotics Institute. The lab and its… Read More!
Paper on kinematic analysis of planar parallel robots published - In collaboration with the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (IMES) at the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany, the CRL has successfully published a paper in the Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This research began in 2018 and has been funded by the German Research… Read More!