Continuum Robots Are Our Passion!

Continuum robots have a mechanical structure that is fundamentally different from conventional robots. They have a joint-less body which is continuous. This structure is inspired by biological trunks (e.g. elephant), tentacles, tongues, and worms.

A continuous structure enables to traverse confined spaces, manipulate objects in complex environments, and to conform to curvilinear paths in task space. Think about what continuum robots can do that is not possible with serial robot arms, mobile robots, or humanoid robots!

Latest News

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Paper on the design of a reconfigurable parallel continuum robot appears in RA-L - A paper researched by Sven Lilge, our director Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, and CRL alumni, Georg Böttcher has been published in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L). The paper centers around the design of a reconfigurable parallel continuum robot. The creation… Read More!
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