Tracked 3D ultrasound targeting with an active cannula

Swaney, Philip J; Burgner, Jessica; Pheiffer, Thomas S; Rucker, Caleb D; Gilbert, Hunter B; Ondrake, Janet E; Simpson, Amber L; Burdette, Clif E; Miga, Michael I; Webster III, Robert J
Proceedings SPIE 8316, pp. 83160R-1–9), 2012
Tracked 3D ultrasound targeting with an active cannula


The objective of our work is a system that enables both mechanically and electronically shapable thermal energy deposition in soft tissue ablation. The overall goal is a system that can percutaneously (and through a single organ surface puncture) treat tumors that are large, multiple, geometrically complex, or located too close to vital structures for traditional resection. This paper focuses on mechanical steering and image guidance aspects of the project. Mechanical steering is accomplished using an active cannula that enables repositioning of the ablator tip without complete retraction. We describe experiments designed to evaluate targeting accuracy of the active cannula (also known as a concentric tube robot) in soft tissues under tracked 3D ultrasound guidance.


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