Nan Liang wins runner-up at the Robotics Institute 3MT competition!

The Continuum Robotics Lab congratulates Nan Liang for his recent achievement of placing as the runner up at the U of T Robotics Institute’s 3-Minute-Thesis (3MT) competition. This competition was held on the 12th of November as part of the fall workshop for the Robotics Institute. The lab and its members are extremely proud of him and his success!

This competition was centered around contestants giving a compressed presentation on their planned or current research. It was open to all graduate students and Post Docs supervised by faculty of the University of Toronto Robotics Institute.

Of the 18 contestants who participated, Nan was able to claim second place with his presentation: “Learning-based Inverse Kinematics for Continuum Robots". This presentation highlighted the benefits of the use of continuum robots and some of the situations that they could be used in, like minimally invasive surgery.

When talking about his experience at the competition, Nan said that, “The format of 3MT is very different from the usual presentation we gave in the lab and it took me some time to adapt to it. Overall, it is a very inspiring experience, gives me a chance to think about the big picture and the impact of my research and also gets me more motivated.”

Nan didn’t have too much time to celebrate however as he was right back to his work the next day! We’re all looking forward to his continued research here at the lab.