Happy Holidays

This has been an exciting year for CRL. The lab relocated from Hannover, Germany to Toronto, Canada. Most of us left our families and friends behind in their home countries. Robots and equipment flew across the Atlantic and a spacious, newly renovated lab space had to be moved into. A brand new introduction to robotics course had to be delivered to our undergraduates. New procedures, new colleagues, new collaborators, new research funding schemes ... new everything!

As a great team we managed all those challenges and faced the new frontiers bravely. Thank you to everyone at UTM and UofT for your support and generosity, at the Robotics Institute for a wonderful growing community, and to our research friends across the globe. We are grateful for being part of a stimulating and motivating research culture!

We are now off to enjoy the holidays and recharge for a new decade full of innovative continuum robot designs, creative planning and control approaches, and novel applications! We are excited for 2020!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The CRL Team