Welcome to Hanna!

We are excited to have Hanna Jiamei Zhang join the Continuum Robotics Laboratory as a new graduate student! Welcome!

Hello! My name is Hanna and I just started as a Masters student in Computer Science at the CRL. Previously, I was doing my undergrad thesis with the CRL and spent Summer of 2020 as a research assistant (with Sven as my mentor) . I just finished my undergrad in Engineering Science majoring in Robotics and minoring in Bioengineering at U of T and am looking forward to joining you all in exciting research into continuum robotics. I ultimately decided to do my Masters here at CRL over other programs/institutions because of the great potential for impactful innovations within Continuum Robotics as well as how well positioned we are here at CRL to be the ones to spearhead that (i.e. the support of the Robotics institute as well as the many distinguished U of T Robotics faculty members who could be potential collaborators). Additionally, my decision was also heavily influenced by the great mentorship/supervising capabilities of Prof. Burgner-Kahrs as well as the lab culture (i.e. friendly and supportive)/great colleagues here.

Hanna Zhang