Open Continuum Robotics Project

Right now, there are a multitude of barriers that roboticists must overcome if they want to get into continuum robotics, including but not limited to: no textbook on this topic, research paper paywalls, limitations in robotic simulator capabilities, and a lack of obtainable continuum robot hardware. In the interest of promoting increased exploration in the field and thus new scientific discoveries, this project aims to solve the challenges listed above that are currently impeding prospective researchers and roboticists entering the field of continuum robotics.

The Open Continuum Robotics Project provides resources such as:

  • Blog entries about entry-level content, research results, robots in action, and such
  • A software simulator for continuum robot behavior
  • Building your own continuum robot hardware with easily obtainable components and 3D printing

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ICRA 2023 Keynote

Watch Jessica Burgner-Kahrs' keynote presentation (starts at minute 15) from the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation to learn more about the Open Continuum Robotics Project.